Introducing the Engineering Instruction Tool for the Digital Generation

The nPoints project site is a new way to engage engineering minds in all levels and areas of interest. This site offers instructional materials and challenges that help you navigate and realize your own project ideas. nPoints material is organized into discreet units that then combine and build on each other through multiple paths, all leading to a complete design. No matter which nPoints activity or challenge you do first, you are working toward real engineering systems. 

  • Design Challenges help you apply your experience with concepts and projects through experimentation to produce whole engineering solutions inspired by real-world applications.
  • Guided Projects prompt you to apply your knowledge of core concepts to produce working systems.
  • Core Concepts are short activities that teach foundational engineering skills and concepts.

View the nPoints Overview brochure. (PDF)

Make Your Point!

Are you interested in creating a new nPoints project? Watch the video and then email us at to share your project ideas.